Do not exit the trade whether you are afraid of a stop loss or when you are moving your stop loss: Because the action of exiting this trade will make your psychology worse, next trade if If this happens, you will be psychologically worse off than that.

2. Do not enter when you are in a greedy mentality: The way to perceive greed is not too difficult but the more important thing you have to do is to refrain from trading when you are greedy. Because that mentality will make you only care about profits and easily leave your principles, discipline, and plans.

3. Don't trade high volume: Because when you trade high volume is an expression of greed. A calculating trader will always trade-in moderate volume, based on a risk that he can accept.

4. Do not trade based on personal thoughts: The subjectivity in trading is inevitable, but if you trade purely according to personal thoughts, you will surely lose money in the long term. Because the market doesn't follow anyone's mindset. It moves randomly and you need to rely on price action to find your strengths in it.

5. Do not trade based on trading advice or tips, but rely on the principle of the method: Tips or advice are just to support you in trading only, the way to make money is still based on the method. transaction method.

6. Don't set profit targets, but trade in the direction of the trend when it ends: This is how successful traders make big money. They trade in trends and maximize profits when the opportunity arises.

7. Do not trade based on intuition, but trade on trained confidence: Intuition gives the sense of trading easy, but completely lacking in basis. When you trade with confidence but practice it shows you control, trading calculated, grounded, and disciplined. And in the long run, these factors will keep you profitable.

8. Don't trade based on other people's strategies but look for one that works for you: Other people's strategies may be good, but that is neither how you make long-term money in trading nor is it. the way you grow. To have long-term profits, you must have your own way of making money, controlled by you and independent of anyone.

9. Do not predict prices in the past but rely on current price action: No one can predict the future of the market because of the market. It is best if you are aware of current price action to plan future trading.