Day Traders are often in poor health

If you are a Swing or a Position Trader - that is, just looking at the chart a little bit every day - you will be less tired and obsessed. Being a Day Trader means you sit and watch every tick of the market and this makes the body, especially the eyes, extremely tired. Not to mention when the orders are stuck or the market runs weak, we are more tired because we have to sit for longer. Often Day Trader will get down to health

Day Trader is often Loneliness

If other jobs have colleagues, work connections, have a boss to talk to, a beautiful beauty partner in short skirts with a very standard 3-ring measurement sitting next to them, Day Trader is a lonely profession. You will be alone with your computer during trading hours. It's not easy guys.

Day Trader is under very high pressure

Day Trader is synonymous with shortening fast, taking a little risk, however, the damn thing of the market is that when you enter the order, it is usually 95% going against us for a little while. Only selling at the right peak or buying the right bottom will not be reversed. So, enduring running prices upside down, watching your money suffer losses is not a simple challenge. It impacted and eroded psychology terribly. Careless brothers are easily crazy like playing.

Day Trader gets hit by the market often

Long-term price trends are typically less difficult to analyze than intraday price movements. Technical analysis often assume that the smaller the timeframe, the more susceptible the price to "noise". "Confusion" here is understood as the sudden, instantaneous price fluctuation. These noise fluctuations cause our stop loss to be scanned in the blink of an eye.

Day Trader "died" the most

There is a statistic that Day Trader is the type of Trader that "dies" the most, that is, is eliminated from the game at the earliest and must give up the dream of Trading at the earliest. Listening is enough to understand how difficult it is

Day Trader requires skillful technical analysis and its trading system at a high level

Newcomers entering Trading often do not fully understand or master their methods. If you jump into daytrade, sometimes you do not have timely analysis or analysis but not thoroughly because it requires quick decision making, so it puts pressure on you to make wrong decisions.

So what is the advice for Newbies brothers who want to do Day Trader?

Let's start by trading on a large timeframe, for example, one day. If you have more time, read a trading book or research backtest. Do not be too free to jump in to be a Day Trader soon, because it will quickly cancel your dreams of Trading. Just practice Trading carefully for a few years, wait until it becomes a successful Swing Trader, it is not too late to get down to Day Trader