Becoming a billionaire is not easy. Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is known for his tight schedule and enormous workload. Often referred to as a genius and the "Iron Man" of real life, Elon Musk has only 24 hours a day like us.

He usually sleeps 6 hours a day, gets up at 7 o'clock, and skips breakfast. He is also admired by many people for his 5-minute block time management method.

Do not listen to the phone, divide the work by about 5 minutes

According to Inc., Elon Musk does not listen to the majority of phone calls to focus on work. Instead, he uses a variety of media that do not require an immediate response, such as email or text messages.

He breaks his schedule down into 5-minute blocks for processing. Even for lunch, he only spends less than 5 minutes and often eats during meetings. He typically works 85-100 hours per week (a typical office worker works 40 hours a week) and spends about 80% of that time on engineering and design jobs.

Hayden Field, an editor at Entrepreneur, has tried to distribute your schedule this way. She used the 5-minute blocks to check emails, come up with new ideas or other side jobs like publishing articles, editing short content ... For jobs that take longer, she arranged to work them into 5-minute blocks. For example, for a job that takes 30 minutes, she would give it 6 blocks of 5 minutes, and break that job down into blocks. The total time is the same, but following each milestone will be easier.

How does the test character have a schedule?

As below:
  • 8:50 pm: Go to the office, open the computer with necessary software (1 block)
  • 8:55 pm: Think new article ideas (4 blocks)
  • 9:15: Brief briefing (5 blocks)
  • 9:40 am: Check email (2 blocks)
  • 9:50 AM: Start writing (2 blocks)
  • 10 o'clock: Collaborate with colleagues to edit articles (6 blocks)
  • 10:30: Meet your boss to present ideas for the next lesson (1 block)
  • 10:35: Drink water (2 blocks)
  • 10:45 am: Complete the article to prepare for it to be posted on the page (1 block)
  • 10:50 am: Quickly read some other pages to capture information, get more ideas (2 blocks)
  • 11 o'clock: Check email again (2 blocks)
  • 11:10 PM: Email the character for an interview (1 block)
By applying this schedule layout, you will easily keep track of what you are spending a lot of time on, what work takes a lot of time but is unnecessary, what work is worth spending a lot of time more space.

Applying this method is not easy, it requires a high degree of concentration so that the work blocks do not overlap.

* Manage yourself scientifically and continuously improve

Elon Musk's 5-minute skipping breakfast and lunch should probably not be followed, but the 5-minute approach to managing time has proved to be very effective for this billionaire. Not only does Elon Musk timely handle the enormous workload, but this method also ensures that his precious time is not wasted. He also said that he is constantly innovating and improving his productivity.

“Keep thinking about ways to do a better job and constantly ask yourself questions. That's my best advice. ” Elon Musk told Mashable in 2012.

Based on the volume and importance of the work, we will distribute the number of blocks more appropriately (easy to quantify, not qualitative like most traders do). Such as:
  • With trading logging, we can spend 6 blocks of time because this is a very important job in the routine of a professional trader.
  • But opening the chart and checking the setup, we absolutely can only give it 1 block because the main job of a trader is to wait, not to constantly act because of instinct to act, want to do one something.
Thus, through the story of billionaire Elon Musk and his references to the work of a trader, Hue hopes that you will find for yourself the most effective time management and layout, to achieve Get the highest trading career consistency!