1. You realize that most of the bad actions of others are actually out of fear and anxiety - rather than, as we so often assume, evil or stupidity. You give up the idea that you are always right, you give up the idea that the world is full of monsters in human guise and idiots. The line between good and bad, white and black will blur at first, but gradually things get a lot more interesting.
  2. You realize that what you think is in your mind, that other people cannot understand for themselves. You also find that, sadly, you will have to very carefully choose your words to express your thoughts and feelings - and not be able to blame others for not understanding your thoughts, until you make it slow and clear.
  3. You learn that many times you will go wrong and you will screw up many things. Sometimes you will have to take your first step toward apologizing to others.
  4. You gradually learn to be confident by realizing that you are not great, but in fact, everyone is just as stupid, scared, and lost as you are. We all have to find ourselves, that's okay.
  5. You no longer have to suffer impostor syndrome, because you accept that no one really is yourself. We are, to some extent, trying to fulfill our 'role', while trying to hide our foolishness and discomfort.
  6. You forgive your parents because you realize they didn't make you just insult you. They actually have too much of their own worries, and also grapple with their own pressures. Anger, at a certain point, turns into pity and compassion. 
  7. You learn that there are many seemingly small things that affect your mood a lot: bedtime, blood sugar, blood alcohol, stress, ... So you learn how to never bring about important issues. controversial for those you love, unless they are well-rested, no one is getting drunk, everyone gets a little something to eat, there's nothing urgent at that moment, or you're not in a hurry lest you miss the train.
  8. You realize that when loved ones grumble at you, are uncomfortable, or are 'messing', they are usually not trying to upset you, but maybe they're just trying to get your attention. the only way they know it. You learn to detect despair in their more normal moments, and, one day without rain, you understand it with love instead of judging them.
  9. You no longer sulk. If someone hurts you, you will not be filled with hatred and hurt for many days. You remember the day you died was not really long. You don't expect others to know you have a problem. You tell them, frankly, and if they understand, then you forgive. And even if they don't understand, you would otherwise forgive them.
  10. You realize, it turns out that life is so short, so it's important, extremely important, that you have to work hard to say what you really have in mind, focus on what you really want, and say To those you love how much they mean to you. Perhaps every day is the same.
  11. You stop believing in perfection in, probably almost everything. Do not have a perfect person, do nothing with a perfect job, or a perfect life. Instead, you turn to appreciate what. You realize that there are many things in life that are really annoying - but, in many ways, it just turns out 'enough'.
  12. You learn the habit of being a little bit pessimistic about the outcome of things - as a result, you will become a calmer, more patient, and more forgiving person. You gradually lose some extremes and become a more difficult person to get angry.
  13. You learn to recognize the weaknesses in other people's personalities to be linked to their strengths, in balance. Instead of just focusing on their weaknesses, you look at the whole: yes, somebody is rather rigid, but actually, they focus on accuracy and are a rock in the floodwaters. Yes, someone is a bit messy, but it turns out they are incredibly creative and visionary. You realize (really) that perfect humans don't exist - and every advantage has a weakness attached to it.
  14. You learn the habit of compromising. You learn to settle down somewhere - and realize that it turns out that you are more mature than weak in doing so. You can stay with someone for the kids, or you fear being lonely. You can endure the inconvenience because you know it will be a bit antagonistic - free life is really an illusion.
  15. You are a little more difficult to love others. It was really difficult in any way. When you are younger, you 'crush' people very quickly. Now, you bitterly realize that, no matter how beautiful or perfect their appearance, there will always be a little pain when approached. Gradually you will be loyal to what you have.
  16. You find - quite surprisingly - you are an extremely difficult person to live with. You give off a bit of old self-sentimentality about yourself. You have new relationships, new friendships, mild warnings about how and when you will be a challenge to the other person.
  17. You learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes and fools. You realize that your overwhelming emotions come from thinking about the things you've done wrong in the past. You make yourself friends. Of course, you are a fool, but a cute one. We, everyone, are like that.
  18. You have learned that part of growing up is reconciling yourself with the childish, stubborn part of you. You stop trying to become mature all the time. You accept that we all have moments of retreat - and when your two-year-old comes back to 'annoy', you greet him, relax, and give him the attention he needs.
  19. You stop putting too much hope into great plans for the kind of happiness you hope will last forever. You gradually rejoice with beautiful little things that get good results. You realize that satisfaction comes in a matter of minutes. You will be happy if the day goes by without getting too busy. You are more interested in beautiful drawings such as flowers or the night sky. You gradually become interested in small joys
  20. You gradually don't care what other people think of you. You realize that the mind of other people is a dark place, and you are not trying to polish other people's eyes. Importantly, you, two or three more people are glad you are yourself. You give up popularity, gradually towards more love.
  21. You are better at listening to suggestions. Instead of thinking that the people who criticize you are either trying to humiliate you or are making a mistake, accept that perhaps you should pick one or two and move on with your journey. You begin to see, well, it turns out that you can hear criticism and still survive - instead of ruffling up your wings and denying that something is wrong here.
  22. You realize that the life you live in, the problems you have, compared to what's out there, are actually nothing. Remember, you need to reconsider what hurts you. You go for walks with nature more, you can raise a dog or a cat (they don't disturb as much as humans together), and you can see the beauty of those stars in the starry sky.
  23. You are no longer easily triggered by other people's negative behavior. Before you get mad, or upset, you pause to ask yourself if they are honest with what they say. You realize that maybe what they think with what they say is not very relevant.
  24. You recognize the past color the way you react to specific situations - and learn to make up for the way you see things. You accept that, for the sake of your childhood, you may have a tendency to serious about something. You gradually become suspicious of your first reaction to specific problems. You realize - sometimes - don't believe your feelings too much.
  25. When you make friends with others, you realize that others are not really interested in your good news by finding out what worries you, makes you difficult, to end up with them. feeling less lonely with the hurt in my heart. You become a better friend because you understand that true friendship is about sharing your greatest hurts.
  26. You learn to alleviate your worries, not by telling yourself everything will be all right. Sometimes, it won't be okay. You gradually consider different situations, that yes, even if things go wrong, you can still live. You realize, there will always be plan B, but plan B is not good, there are 24 letters left. This world is so big, you will find a few other lovely souls no matter what, and the most horrible thing, you will get over it.