This means that the main players in the market will operate according to the "event schedule" rather than the time frame or region/region as many people believe. The first step in the process of opening a new trading position of the big boys in that market is to check the economic event calendar to come up with options if they believe this, how they will react. "As a trader, you must remember: Never ask where the market is going, ask yourself what you will do when the market moves." And to get options, it requires traders to understand the news. News has many categories, but in general, there are two main categories of popularity. It is news about economic data (data) and news about politics. In the scope of this article, not discuss any specific news, because it is too long for the framework of one article, which can be done in a series of articles that follow after. Make sure that before you enter your order, you, like the big boys, always be prepared for possible scenarios for each upcoming event in the market.


This is the Intermarket aspect of financial analysis. Bigboy, understand that markets do not exist in isolation. They exist, move-in relationships, interact with each other. And thus, when trading in one market, they always look to other correlated markets. An overview of the different markets gives them an overview of which positions will be open; The early reversal signals are likely to come from other markets instead of the products they are trading.

Therefore, if retail traders want to look in the same direction as big boys, retail traders need to have an understanding of the basic Intermarket rules. A financial market is made up of four main market segments, including bond, currency, commodity, and equity markets. As a forex trader, the main market we engage in is the currency market. yield). Much of each variation in yield spread will act as a cause of movement in the money market because a carry trade trader will pour cash flow back to where the interest rate is. high. Likewise, you should also have a background understanding of the interrelationship between commodity and stock markets on the currency market. The inter-market relationships are common and varied, but they are very specific to study and learn. Take your first steps.


Technical analysis has long been familiar to most of us retail traders. And while this is an effective market analysis approach, especially in the timing of big boy entry, it is being used in the wrong ways by retail traders.

The truth is that while there are so many indicators covering the TA fields, there are really only a handful of indicators that are somewhat effective. Most of the rest of them are just JUNK, the reason it's called junk is that it has no original meaning, a lot of authors come up with a new indicator just by shaping the existing indicators, they hate to match your name on that newly created indicator with your wishes to go down in TA's history. The abundance of junk indicators is even more popular because of the advertising of small brokers or even trainers with the winning "holy grail" in hand. They "train" their customers and students to use the best bullshit methods (BS) with only 3 -5 days or even just 15 minutes a day to be successful in the market. .

One of the best ways to apply technical analysis is to use price action. Unfortunately, most of us are using the price action incorrectly. Like indicators, indicators or candlestick patterns are all extracted from the price. Price creates a pattern, not a price model. However, it's terrible for small traders, they are taught to mechanically memorize patterns with specific names such as double top/bottom, head, and shoulder, wedge, ... formation like this, they will trade like that. They do not understand that no trade really looks like a trade at all, the nature of patterns is just an accumulation of volume of big boys. There are "sharks" operating on each timeframe and Price will be essentially manipulated by these sharks purposefully / intentionally to attract as many retail traders as possible into the market in the wrong direction the better. Once these sharks accumulate enough volume the price runs in the opposite direction and we - these "unlucky" small traders will take losses, get angry and blame the market for scams .. .vv ...


Trading is a jigsaw game and each puzzle piece in it is an analytical aspect coming from fundamental, from the inter-market, and from TA. While fundamentals and Intermarket factors act as the main drivers of trend determination, technical analysis (TA) is indispensable in timing market entry. Any of the three factors mentioned above are important and not easy to learn, apply, and practice in the real trade process properly. Success in trading cannot come overnight, much less can it come from the so-called holy grail in the market. Readers should be alert and take the first steps, the tuition fees are high, but the rewards at the end of the road are not small.