According to the latest report from CoinShares, total assets under management are now at a record $ 15 billion. And Ethereum was the outstanding asset in the past week when it accounted for 20% of the total cash flow, equivalent to 87 million USD.

More notably, the report compared investment flows from gold to Bitcoin, stating:

Gold has been affected by the outflow of investment products, hitting a record $ 9.2 billion in the past four weeks. While Bitcoin saw an influx of cash totaling $ 1.4 billion.

Gold performance versus Bitcoin

Gold prices have fallen 10% from a high of $ 2070 / oz on Aug. 6 to current prices, at around $ 1,860 / oz according to During the same period, the price of Bitcoin has risen 56% from $ 11,700 in early August to $ 17,800 at current levels.

Looking at the annual picture, the price of gold is only up 22% since the beginning of 2020 but Bitcoin has increased by an impressive 150% this year. Ethereum has performed even better, up 320% since the beginning of January, from $ 130 to its current price of around $ 540.

Commenting on ETH's early metrics, CoinShares stated:

This suggests that investors are favoring Ethereum, possibly due to the clarity and transparency from the Ethereum management team about the long-awaited Eth2.0 upgrades aimed at helping the network get back on track. should be more efficient and sustainable.

However, the study also acknowledged that the weakening US dollar caused concerns about current monetary policy. This, combined with the worries about the COVID crisis, has become a time when gold and so-called "store of value" assets will flourish.

Major institutions like Grayscale have hoarded Bitcoin and Ethereum through investments that have never been seen before to give professional investors more options.

Prospects of the crypto market

The cryptocurrency market is currently accelerating its correction, which began on December 1, when total capitalization hit a nearly three-year high at $ 590 billion according to Coingecko.

Over the past week, the market cap has fallen 7.5% to current levels of around $ 545 billion as Bitcoin and other altcoins have cooled down after impressive surges.

However, as pointed out by both the trader and analyst ‘dave the wave’:

Small traders may be reaping profits at the moment, but institutional interest in crypto assets remains at record levels.