The beauty of this game is that in the end, when there are only 2 boxes left - 1 box with bombs and 1 box with no bombs, your odds of winning are exactly 50%, which is completely unlucky. Try to go a long way to get 2 squares right, but the whole game result is decided by two words… Hên Xui.

In a way, this game of mine detection is very similar to the game called trading. We spend so much effort in researching, analyzing, identifying, identifying trends, supporting resistance, identifying trading signals, planning ostriches, ultimately winning and losing. decided by 2 Buy-Sell buttons. In the end, we can only choose to press one of the two buttons.

So how to analyze it to get tired when the probability of winning on each match is only around 50%? Why not toss a coin always for good?

The answer is to analyze or use the trading system to give traders an edge.

The advantage is basically what helps a trader to win in the long run when the short term is a random, uncontrollable outcome. The outcome of each trade is unpredictable, but in the long run, for example, after 1000 trades, the trader will still be profitable if he has an advantage.

Suppose in a coin toss game, if you come face to face, you lose 1 USD; if you come face-up, you get 2 USD. After a few tosses, you might lose money; But after about 1000 times or more, a profit is sure to be made. That is the power of advantage.

The advantage can only be obtained when the analysis of your order is consistent, meaning that hundreds of trading are the same, none other than any other. Repeat the same process every day consistently. Only one difference, the advantage will be gone.

Jack Schwager - an expert interviewing and working with many legendary traders, has a very good saying: "If you don't have an advantage in the long run, I think it's best to do all in one order and leave it alone." for two characters that Hui Xui decided it would be better. " True, if you don't have an advantage, the more you trade, the more you will lose. Well, play with the full account in one order, light incense to pray for good. Less time-consuming effort.