In his book How To Trade Stocks - How to Trade Stocks - Jesse Livermore, a legend among stock traders in the early 20th century of the US, introduced a reversal price pattern that says Jesse Livermore's Speculative. Chart. This pricing model is described on his book page as follows

We can see an accumulation zone facing upwards (numbers 1 through 7) and the mouth of this accumulation zone widening, as opposed to a rising wedge. After this accumulation zone, the price bounces up to create highs 8, 9, and 10 before making high 11 lower than high 9. At this point, we will wait to sell at the retest of 12.

Areas 10, 11, and 12 forms the 1-2-3 price pattern that we often use. We could wait to sell below 11.

This model is made up of too many things to look a bit hard to see.