1. A method of trading

First, you should choose for yourself a trading method or system to apply to Trading. It can be Ichimoku, is Harmonic, is Elliott wave, is Pin Bar, is Trend follower or is a system of indicators ... all. Choose a book, a detailed document about the method and apply it thoroughly, follow closely, note down things to remember, to learn, to draw.

Note that you have to trade this system at least 100 times to make progress.

2. A kind of trade product

The mistake that new traders trade is very easy to make, that is like a bunch of things (threesome, foursome ... all kinds) (for women, this word means want to "hit" a pair of them 1 time). This is very tiring because of having to observe many markets at the same time, which is difficult for newbie traders. So, you should choose 1 and only 1 product to trade. Newbies should start with EURUSD because the pair is quite popular, the news is easy to find. Or GBPUSD is fine. Lighter than USDJPY.

Choosing only one product to trade also helps you to learn the "habit" of this product, whether it or what you like, it will be easier for you to indulge it.

3. A certain time frame

New traders are often very sad. When you opened the chart daily and didn't see the signal, you clicked on H4, then down to H1, then M15, and then you used it too much, M1, it was very messy. You should choose a fixed time frame to observe and trade only, to help remember the chart and easily observe the habits of the price.

A newbie should also choose large charts such as H1, H4, or higher so that they can slowly analyze the market in time. Instead of short charts like M5 or M15, the speed of technical analysis must be faster and easily lead to pressure on the brothers.

4. A certain session

If you are going to practice as a day trader (trader hits during the day), you should choose a certain session to trade. If you like small waves, the Asian session, the medium wave is at the beginning of the European session, while the big one is at the beginning of the US session (because it is the same time in the European-American session). If you just "swim" into the Trading Sea, the first trade in Europe is fine (because in fact, Asia is sometimes ... sad)

Above are some of my little shares for newbie traders. Long-time brothers who have additional advice would like to contribute to helping our young colleagues keep going.