1, Professional Traders will record all their parameters:

Just as weightlifters keep a record of how many weights they lift, how many repulses they push, what muscle group they are training; or golfer must use apps and sensors to record the flight path of the golf ball they hit, to determine their correct and false movements in each game; so is the professional Trader. They will take note of all transactions, their right decisions, wrong decisions, other trading parameters, all the information that can help them trade better next time.

This note-taking is getting easier and easier when we have so many applications or services to do for us. The great thing is that when professional Traders record these parameters, they learn their strengths and weaknesses without being able to tell by merely looking at the% profit figure. That is the power of data.

You can use TraderVue or Edgewonk to do the job of recording this transaction log.

2, Professional traders use specific tools to access different markets

Newbies will love to talk about setup. While professional Traders will find ways to accurately identify changes in price movements, order flow, and market sentiment to achieve huge returns compared to risks. Professionals will have different approaches to different markets, while newbies will trade the same pattern with multiple markets.

Tools like Market Profile (volume at different prices and time distribution of volume), Delta (volume traded at the ask and bid prices during the day), and Volume Weighted Average Price, as well as tools Another insight that we cannot access.

There will always be "gurus" who always tell you that making profits in the market is easy, but to trade like a professional you have to have two factors above: recording parameters and using tools. characteristic.