Consistent returns - 1: Accept who you are

Acceptance is the first step in solving your own problems. You have to accept yourself, not another person, who is holding the mouse to trade and will make all decisions that affect future profits.

Acceptance means acknowledging that you yourself, like everyone else, are incapable of predicting the future accurately. We cannot tell whether the price will go up or down, we simply make a most viable statement based on the available facts.

Acceptance also means understanding that each person is only suitable for a certain method, because the taste and ability to take risks are different, and beliefs about the market will also be different, so it is impossible to copy other people's strategies is fine.

Consistent returns - 2: Don't suppress your emotions, but indulge wisely

Emotion is something that all humans have, and we cannot escape it. The only thing we can do is not let interfere with our trading decisions. But not to suppress it, but to indulge in it wisely.

Clever indulgence means changing the emotional conditions and factors to make the emotions less intense. For example: reduce weight to avoid stress, anxiety, sleeplessness at night; reduce the time spent observing the chart; Use objective tools such as indicators instead of price actions to reduce the level of subjectivity in analysis, etc.

Consistent returns - 3: Give yourself some time to rest

People really need rest after stressful periods, to restore their strength and ability to make the objective judgments, especially after a series of winning or losing orders, that is when the nerves are most stressed. most excited.