The story goes like this.

Today, a herd of wolves and a herd of hyenas clash with each other over the leftover meat of a cow left behind by a lion. The two gangs bit each other fiercely, the number of hyenas died a lot, but because they were too many, the wolf died as much. In the end, only the dominant wolf and the 5 hyenas left each other. The two gang forces were obviously too disparate, even more disparity, that one leg of the head wolf had been injured. The leg has become the burden of the leader wolf.

The hyenas step by step approached, all of a sudden, the head wolf turned his head to bite off his injured leg and rushed to bite off the throat of the nearest hyena. The remaining four were standing still, horrified by the bravery and action of the leader wolf. The hyenas left tiredly, away from the dominant wolf that was staring at them.

In dangerous circumstances, the dominant wolf has chosen to sacrifice one leg to preserve his life, a reluctant but correct and intelligent choice. In life, many people do not have the courage and reason to do this, so they often fall into the trap of "the crocodile principle". The crocodile principle is simple when you are bitten by a crocodile in the leg, if you try to struggle, you will be a bit more tightly. If we try to use our hands to save the leg, it will be lost. In fact, the smartest way is to sacrifice your leg to preserve your life.

In the tattered *** market, many traders fall into the "alligator rule" trap. Faced with losses, they try to find a way to reverse the situation by averaging low (DCA reverse), removing the initial stop loss, increasing the trading volume to remove the gauze quickly, trying to find signals. It was not clear to have a reason for the order. Hope, pray for the wrong things to come true. Instead of choosing to lose a leg, they choose to lose both their arms and legs when trying to remove the gauze.

This pushes the trader into a gambler and the account is engulfed by the market.

Obviously, when your trading goes wrong according to the original analysis, the wisest, most rational, smartest thing to do is cut off the pathogen and start over.

Still alive is a chance, and money is a chance.

The market has a say in its own right, if it doesn't accept your prediction is correct, don't try to take revenge. There are no emotions in the market, and choosing to take revenge on the market is no different from drinking poison and wanting the market to die ?!