Technical instructions for reading candles by the bar
  • Candle body (full) represents the strong market force
  • Long shadows represent a market rejection
The following is an illustration:

First, the full bars represent the strong uptrend of the market. Next, the appearance of the pin bar was the first sign of a slowdown in the uptrend.

The next bar failed to make a new high and is also a neutral candle (with two long beards at both ends), both of which indicate that the uptrend has slowed down and is pulling about. clear.

The next few candlesticks showed the same thing, the price failed to break the high of the first pin bar.

And continue to be:

The reluctance and resistance of the sellers became clear, prices have sometimes penetrated past highs but could not close candles above this level.

And the thing to wait was also, the bottom was broken by strong bearish candlesticks and the trend reversed.