1. Only one method is available to trade

There are many trading methods, but finding a method that suits you is very difficult. Requires traders to stick with a method long enough, for at least 3 months. Most traders who see a method that doesn't work in the first place are going to pout and leave right away, not having the patience to backtest more.

But in fact, having a chain of losses or a series of profits is very normal even if you apply the principles of the method correctly. Market conditions greatly influence this or can also be probabilistic. If any brother fully understands this and persists with a method, it will come to a certain point in time.

Try spending 30 days dealing with one and only one method. Not only does it show you how well you can trade, but you also have patience. And this month is enough for you to understand how a method actually works.

2. Respect the principle

Try putting yourself in a strict framework for about 30 days and see what happens. Perhaps many traders will feel compelled, annoyed because they cannot trade as comfortably as before. But that's just the beginning. If you persist in implementing, just 1-month trader can see the difference, especially in trading practice.

Persistent adhering to the principle will show traders that they trade more methodically, more assertively, and mentally more comfortably. The initial frustrations are lost when traders see the great benefits of keeping their trading principles, even if they haven't made any profit in a month.

3. Thinking in probabilities

Trading is a highly probable profession. That means that in trading there will be profits and losses, and losses are inevitable and normal in trading. But a lot of traders do trade with a spirit of sure to win. It is this spirit that makes many traders lose money in the long term.

Try spending 30 days and thinking according to the nature of the market will see huge changes. You will not be burdened with losses, capital management will also be tighter because you understand that the orders you make are likely to lose.

4. Continue to do the above after making a loss

Often after many losses, traders will no longer have the motivation to continue trading. Loss psychology will be a big problem for many traders.

But try spending 30 days, doing all of the above over and over again, even if you lose money. Due to the fact that the strategies are not related to each other and only follow the principles correctly, you can have profits in the future.