1. Seek profit instead of experience

In the first 3 to 5 years a trader should not seek profit in trading. But this is exactly what every trader is aiming at during this period. In fact, in the first few years, traders are in the process of training and perfecting themselves. It can be said that trading is a process of completing little by little. It is also not possible to hurry.

Because the trader will not make all mistakes at the same time, the trader cannot practice all the skills at the same time, but these things happen slowly, in stages. Helping traders gradually understand how to exist in trading.

Therefore, this is the period to learn and gain experience. If you head into making money, it means it will take longer for you to get to the next stage.

2. Complain instead of training and summarizing

After each losing streak or each wrong decision, most traders spend more time complaining than learning how to respond or working hard, practicing more to get better results.

That is also the reason why when making mistakes, traders often blame, more annoying psychology than admit mistakes. If we changed the way of reacting and how to look at it, then perhaps the trader did not have that much time.

3. Stop at failure, not make yourself better

95% of traders lose because they don't know what to do with losses. They accept failure, blame, and complain rather than find a solution. In addition to the psychological haste, want to see the results immediately, most of the time, when the trader is at a loss, he will have no motivation to continue.

If you don't want to spend most of your time on failure and loss, then quickly improve yourself, gain experience, accept losses, and correct mistakes. You will see, 95% of your time is spent on the right things. The results will be different from the first stage you go through.