1. Thinking of making money fast, making a lot of money

Most losers have the mindset of making money fast and a lot. Just looking at how they trade and how they manage their capital can partly see this mindset.

However, trading is not a profession that can make money quickly, but much, even vice versa. A trader who is patient accepts to go slowly, the ability to succeed. Most losers have a desire from a small account of several hundred dollars to make thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future, or want to be able to deliver Translate like Professional Trader, make profit every day.

With this type of thinking, the fact that they do not make a profit in trading is understandable.

2. Short-term thinking

This is also the kind of mindset that makes traders miserable many times. This type of thinking makes traders see things and results in the short term. While you want to be successful in trading, you need a process, you need a long-term view.

Many traders because of this way of thinking makes them feel collapsed because of temporary losses that do not hold up or are rushing to give up a system just because in a short period of time ineffective. Also, because of short-term thinking, traders do not persistently train themselves. Short-term jobs seem to have nothing to do with the results, but in the future, they are incredibly effective. Unfortunately, losing traders don't have the opportunity to experience this great because their short-term thinking has stopped them.

3. Only see failure, not see the lesson

For successful traders, failure is the chance to have a valuable lesson, the chance for them to start over again. But in the eyes of a failing trader, failure is a failure. They almost fully feel this, live with it, not intend to change.

Failure is a period to go through in trading, which is normal. Even failure is sometimes the biggest motivator for the stronger trader to become more mature. If they understand more about trading and have the right mindset, they will not be defeated by these failures.

Most successful traders rise from failure, and when they first enter the market, whoever does not fail. But thinking differently will have a different perception of this and of course, the outcome will also be different.

These 3 types of wrong thinking cause many traders to retire from trading while not getting the real value back from it. If we knew how to change these things soon, perhaps the outcome would have been a lot different.