In the safe zone, most of you say that trading 5 years and 10 years is not sure to be profitable, and often give the opinion of 10,000 hours of practice to bring success.

First of all, talking about the ten thousand hours of practice point of view, you must be in the Learning zone to be successful. As long as there is a thought, trade demo is burning, and the thought will be profitable after 5 years and 10 years, you will always stay in the Comfort zone, you will not be able to trade successfully for 5 years and 10 generations.

If you have the correct pp, about 6 months of the trading day is the brothers at a breakeven level in the month. That means that January, February, March, April, May, is a loss, in June, you break even, note that you will only raise your capital in the 6th month, not completely remove the loss 5 months ago.

To achieve this, you need in the Learning Zone or a who has a learning purpose.

So how to enter the Learning zone, you have to stop trading the demo account, switch to a real account, use 10% of the capital to load the account. How does this 10% work, for example, if you plan to put 10k trump in the trade when the trade is successful (if in the safe zone this will never come), then pre-load 1k trump into the trade real account. In fact, if you are afraid of losing money too much, you can leave the risk at 0.5% or even lower.

The important thing is that every day you have to trade with the mindset of learning so that today is more pro than yesterday and to be successful tomorrow morning, not again, hoping for a 10-year future

Success tomorrow may come in one or two years from tomorrow, success in 10 years will come in the next 10 years of the next life.