1. Accept your feelings

When a crisis occurs, your composure in coping will vanish. A series of emotions will come in, making you think of all you can do to alleviate these emotions. Your actions are almost out of control, based on the emotions that you act on.

But when you calm down, you will see how stupid you are, you won't be able to understand why you acted like that. You can simply explain, "That was a panic."

But slowly you will find that every time you have a crisis, you are like that and the biggest problem here is that you take action, you try to control them, but in fact, everything you do is counterproductive. The best way at the moment is to "Do nothing".

Instead, accept these feelings and learn to write them down when you feel mentally upset. The more you let them remain in your body, the more crisis you will feel. Write them down as a psychological relief. Either find someone to talk to or you should go somewhere to relax your mind. You will find that sometimes, doing nothing is a very good thing.

2. Focus on the process

You are in crisis because you pay too much attention to the results. Someone also told me that you are focused on the process but are still in a crisis. And the problem is also that even though you have focused on the process, if the process is only expecting one result, then you end up with the mentality.

It is this that makes traders not interested in the trading process anymore. While the result is the work of the future no one knows in advance. The only process is something you have good control over. The psychological crisis will help you realize that the loss you are experiencing is because you yourself do not focus on doing the process well, helping you to realize that you are suffering from your own mind how much mix.

Going through a few crises you will find that focusing on the process will help you limit your psychology, control what is within your ability, and sometimes the feeling of being in control of the process helps. you have more confidence, better transactions, better results.

3. Calmness

Many traders say that just let the market bounce a few times to know. This is actually quite true. But it is a bit expensive, time-consuming, and can sometimes cause you to quit trading. However, there is one thing that we need to understand, a trader cannot grow up without experiencing loss and loss and accompanied by a psychological crisis.

However, once you have gone through these, naturally you will gain experience and lessons for yourself. You will understand that calmly resolving things is what can help you profit and be successful in trading.