1. Make sure you are making a profitable trade:

Don't think about increasing your risk if you don't have continuous profits when trading small or demo accounts. If you are unable to successfully trade small positions, are you sure that you will get lucky when trading larger positions?

If you think and feel like you're ready, but your account isn't consistently profitable, first focus on making it profitable. Anyway, it's just a demo account and a small account, please practice until maturity

Continue to trade small positions until your performance demonstrates that you are ready to trade bigger. After all, the loss of large positions of positions is catastrophic.

2. Go slow and steady:

Just as you won't be on top of the world championship boxers after just a few practice sessions, you shouldn't be in a hurry to increase the size of your trade. You don't want to eat more than you can chew, do you?

Slowly and slowly making up your positions (and trading accounts) is the key to becoming comfortable with greater risk-taking. If you are not completely comfortable with the level of risk you are taking, you will most likely fall into a psychological trap.

So instead of making a big leap, make small and steady increments. It will not adversely affect your trading mindset and will allow you to handle larger risks more smoothly.

3. Focus on percentages rather than real amounts:

Here's a little secret that will help you adjust to larger transaction sizes: "Focus on percentages rather than real money!".

The 1% risk on a $ 10,000 account is different from the 1% risk of $ 100. However, they have one similarity: That is the level of risk is only 1%. So, instead of giving 1% to real money, keep it as a percentage, which will reduce the pressure load on you. If you ever lose money, think positively: "Oh! I am only losing 1%, and I will make 2-3% in the next trade"

Putting a profit and loss perspective on a "percentage focused" view will help you a lot. Losing 1% on a $ 100,000 account wouldn't be too different from losing 1% on a $ 10,000 account. But when you put it as real money ($ 1,000 vs. $ 100), it's a lot harder.

So you know what to do !?

You can completely switch to larger positions and accounts without any hitch if you make the changes slowly and steadily, and focus on the percentage. instead of dollars on the account. But most of all, don't make mistakes and increase your risk if you're not consistently profitable on small trades.