1. Stable in steady, calm

Emotional stability, calmness, and getting out of chaos can help traders to cope with all difficulties. Calmness helps traders to be rational, calm observant, we will easily judge the situation and make a better decision.

In profitable trading, there will be losses, with luck there is also bad luck. The important thing that we need to do is that when a problem arises, we must stand up and find a way to overcome it. Big is fine, small is fine, just "okay", just calm down, you will win.

2. Information: flexible, adaptable

Some say flexibility is the foundation of wisdom. Do whatever you do, don't be too rigid and conservative, like heavenly dragging you. Especially our traders, the deeper we go into trading, the more we must learn to adapt and be flexible with the ever-changing market, find out strategies and methods to deal with it. People who are flexible and proactive, no matter what market conditions they face, can find a way to respond. Stubbornness is different from persistence because it is not flexible to adapt to each situation, otherwise, it will only harm yourself.

Knowing how to be flexible, adaptive will help traders less psychological pressure because they always actively seek ways to solve problems, seize great opportunities, and avoid losses for themselves.

3. Law: Self-discipline

Trading is a profession you must have self-discipline. Because this is your own job, if you are also lazy, lack self-discipline, don't ask why you can't make money forever, and the psychological pressure is always heavy.

The trader wants to change for the better but has never sat back seriously thinking how to become a better version.

Traders with high EQ, they will understand that self-discipline is really not a form of intermittent self-abuse, but about using the perspective of the future, drawing the goals of the present, then. then effort and perseverance.

4. Independence: Independent, not blindly listening to the crowd

In psychology, there is an effect called the crowd psychology effect. In the book "The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind" it says: "In a crowd, every behavior and emotion is highly contagious." And this can be said very true in trading.

Blindly following a movement or a certain crowd without understanding the motives and reasons, only shows that you are childish, immature, and without prejudice.

Adult traders will understand that trading is a one-horse-one profession, progress by themselves, take responsibility for all decisions, and most importantly, they don't get in the crowd or listen to anyone. It can be said that this is also the way Traders mature.

5. Let go

There are 3 ways to deal with losses in trading:
  • The first type is to write hatred, let the hatred sprout in your heart, in the end, the person who gets the loss is still the trader himself.
  • The second type of hatred is forgetting.
  • The third type is a kind of intelligence, actively accepting losses and learning how to deal with them. Traders not only feel that loss is normal but when faced with these situations, they will automatically know how to limit it.
Relinquishment here is not limited to this. In trading, letting go of many means for traders such as letting go of negative emotions, accepting to give up an opportunity that is not your strength, ... Focusing on the important things and doing everything will become a lot lighter.