1. Fear of loss

Probably not long explaining, many traders also know why the fear of loss is not worth it and should not be in trading. Losing is part of trading, it is normal that traders should accept it. Experiencing losses even causes traders to mature faster.

So don't be afraid of one thing that can make you grow up better, but at the same time, it is an inherent element in trading. We cannot remove losses from trading, we cannot be afraid of it, so use your practice, your ability, your time, and your patience to make profits overwhelm losses in your trading future

2. Doubt yourself

If it comes to ourselves that we have doubts, then perhaps there is nothing in trading that we can trust. Then how can you trade with ease, focus on the things that matter, and execute the deal assertively?

If you want to be able to trade assertively, not psychologically influenced, fully responsible for your decisions, then stop doubting yourself and instead believe in everything make your own decisions and, more importantly, be responsible for those actions.

3. Break the rules

One of the keys to consistent profitability is keeping principles. If this basic thing trader can't do, don't think about making money in trading.

If you still have this type of trading, you should quit immediately and learn how to trade with principles, do not wait until 2021 to do it.

4. No trading plan

If you did not have a transaction plan for yourself before, then next year we should think about this already. Planned trading is a part of the profit-making process. It is also a good habit of successful traders.