When these turbulent times happen, uncertainty can cause 3 main problems:
  1. It can take you out of your current position - one that is making money for you.
  2. It can make you too hesitant to trade.
  3. It can paralyze you to the point where you can't "feel" the market.
Here are just a few of the motivations that are imperative to risk management for every trader.

Uncertainty is in Mr.Market's DNA

All markets are by nature uncertain.

If so, why should we really pay attention and pay attention to it? Why don't we accept it the natural way and move on to another matter?

We accept it, but that doesn't mean you'll stand heavenly on uncertainty because there are specific types of risks that we can actually eliminate. Although the uncertain "cloud" will generally hang above our heads, we can still build temporary shelters to shield us from storms.

The bomb jerked

These are sudden announcements, similar to tweets, but occur in pre-published official statements.

Before the seismic days of presidential tweets, these announcements were the main source of information disrupting the market. Oftentimes, they are simply unexpected statements in scheduled speeches.

While you may not know the exact content of your speech when you see an important figure appear, be prepared to prepare yourself for some unexpected statements. Usually, there are very few people whose words can shake the market and their speeches are also scheduled a month in advance. But anyway, "prevention is better than cure" that!

The major financial newspapers will use the public speaking of celebrities to navigate and regulate the market. Don't be too happy when the speech of an important figure doesn't move the market, as it is very likely that the impact will appear as soon as the "bombshell" is released to make the market move. 

Event with 2 results

These are events that result in one "white", the other "black", not the "gray" or generic color in between.

Take for example the Brexit event, the binary option where the UK leaves the EU with an agreement or the UK leaves the EU without a deal. But as the most recent developments, the UK - EU has already reached a post-Brexit agreement.

Before the announcement of the number of votes to leave the EU, the pound was on an uptrend. When the voting results were announced, the pound fell 14%. The market knows that a vote and decision is imminent, but they are clearly not expecting this "divorce" outcome.

Persistent uncertainty

During a period of prolonged instability, the financial market tends to weaken.

This uncertainty depresses the market and can eventually penetrate and depress the economy. Employers could cut hiring and trade war could evolve. People don't know what's going to happen next. Therefore ...

Plan and be prepared to deal with uncertainty

This is the key to success in trading. Although you can never be prepared to push enough for the unpredictable and random moves inherent in Mr.Market's DNA, a solid trading strategy with multiple scenarios is outlined before the same scheme. Meticulous planning is sure to give you the best chance to survive during periods of market turbulence.