1. 100% focus on your trading system

When traders do not focus on the trading system it means not focusing on a fixed principle. And that is also much different from gambling. To improve this a trader simply goes back to his system.

When focusing on the system, traders will only need to focus on a few specific principles. Regardless of the other things, all transactions will be executed according to principle. Traders do not need to be impatient because a trading opportunity that is not their own is over, nor does it need to be psychologically active when the market does not work as expected because the system will have profit and loss orders but will be verified. long-term.

Systematic focus also means that traders have to wait for their strengths to appear before they can participate in trading. The process of transaction management also follows the principle, planning, so impatience is a waste in this process.

2. Long-term thinking

More specifically, the focus is on the process instead of the outcome. During the trading process, the trader experiences a loss, even a series of losses. But don't let these short-term losses worry you. Because losses are commonplace in trading, even good trading systems can have higher rates of loss. But in return, it can be strong in terms of loss/profit ratio.

A proven system is profitable in the long run if you stick to the principle strictly. So when there is some loss in the process, don't worry, just trust your decision as well as your system.

3. Make every loss become an opportunity for yourself to improve

Learning from your own losses is the fastest way a trader can mature. And also a way to ask the trader to be the most patient. Because few people can be patient when they lose money. If you can not only stay calm, but you can also learn from that enriching your experience, then you have matured a lot in trading and you will even be in the future. go further.

If you do the above 3 things, slowly, your mind will gradually become more comfortable, handling things will be more gradual. Every time you get impatient, have these 3 things in mind and follow them unconditionally. You may not feel anything at first, but gradually you will see, your previous impatience has hundreds of harms without any benefits, now replaced by patient calmness, like So many of the problems in trading are solved much more easily and smoothly than before.