What are friends with discomfort in trading?  The discomfort in trading comes from many sources: having a losing order or a series of loss orders, missing an opportunity to enter a beautiful order, annoying when waiting for the opportunity to enter but waiting forever without, or getting annoyed When the order was entered, the price refused to run, or the market kept stuck in a narrow price range.  So what is the benefit of making friends with discomfort in trading?  This article will answer you

Every day is like an opportunity to do a new exercise, with the purpose of making us stronger, firmer.

We can train our relationships, patience, concentration, resilience, discipline level, learning history, trading skills, etc. in one single way.  experience discomfort.

Every weightlifting exercise too brings people fatigue, muscle tension, pain, and we all have to put in a lot of effort in those exercises, and this effort will bring a feeling of difficulty.  bear.  And that feeling of discomfort is the most essential factor for us to become better than we were yesterday.

Do you know how human muscle masses develop?  The only way is to get torn apart, break muscle fibers and muscle fibers out with exercise, and then recover with rest and eating.  The important thing here is that it is imperative that you have to tear the muscle fibers into small pieces, and that can only be done by going through the discomfort of training.

If an exercise doesn't give us a challenge, we won't grow.  If we don't feel the discomfort, we won't change.  In fact, if we don't use our skills we will eventually lose them

Successful people practice, always using and improving their abilities.  That means they are MAKING YOU with an unpleasant feeling.

No one can grow, become better and better than themselves by being in their comfort zone all the time.

Success in trading is much more than "following your own rules and processes".  The pre-entry preparation, the entry action, the review of your trading history to evaluate and deliver your improvement, are all required exercises, not procedures.

Every time you get used to the feeling of tolerating a loss, try patiently waiting for the familiar Setup to appear and it does not come, or wait for the market to exit the unpleasant area to trade, etc.  then you are all practicing.

Make friends with discomfort, and you will have success in trading.