The 1000 pip strategy is a strategy with quite simple principles, everything like analyzing, finding signals, entering orders, ... is done on large timeframes.

And now we go straight to the rules of the transaction. Before using this strategy, you should keep in mind the following requirements:
  • Time frame: W1 and MN
  • Currency pair: any
  • Technical indicators: not in use
Let's go through a bit about the large timeframes so that you will understand why we need to use the large timeframes.

If you look at large timeframes, it is very common to see trends of thousands of pips moving. These moves can originate from strong resistance support either from a trend line or even from a Fibonacci level. It is important that from these thresholds the price can move thousands of pips. As shown in the chart below:

Resistance zones can cause prices to move thousands of pips

In the large timeframe you use to trade this strategy, you need to keep an eye on:
  • Threshold of support
  • Resistance level
  • Trendline
  • Price channel
  • The regression levels on the fibo
Trading principles for multi-timeframe strategy

The trading idea of this strategy is very simple as follows, identify important thresholds on large frames like W1 or MN, then move to lower timeframes like H4, D1, or even H1 to find transaction settings.

The principle is as follows:

Step 1: Determine the important threshold of resistance on the W1 or MN frame (1 of the 5 thresholds I mentioned above).

Step 2: When the price approaches these thresholds, you move down to a lower time frame such as D1, H4, or H1 to place a buy limit or a sell limit order or if you see a reversal candlestick pattern, you can place a buy stop at the top of the candle or sell stop below the bottom of the candle. Depending on the bullish or bearish candlestick pattern, place the right order.

Step 3: Place your stop loss outside this barrier to avoid an early stop loss. Or you can use the daily average price movement as your reference for placing your stop loss. For example, EURUSD is about 150 pips then you should place a bit higher than this.

Step 4: Place a profit of 1000 pips

Step 5: This last step is very simple, it is waiting for a long time. Quickly, a few weeks, a few months for your order to be profitable.

Trading example

Here are examples of the five steps to implementing the above strategy:

Step 1: Determine the resistance on the big timeframe, in the picture below, our resistance is the blue square marked:

Step 2: Move down to the H4 frame to place a trade order (sell limit or sell stop according to the reversal candlestick) and place the stop loss above the resistance:

Step 3: Place a profit of 1000 pips and on this chart, the market went right on our strategy