The Market Dam trading system - Step 1: Identify the trend

Increasing trend:

When the push and recovery waves show a clear uptrend, we confirm the uptrend.

And vice versa:

Since we enter the order on M15, the best time frame to determine the trend is H4.

Price range sideways:

WE ARE NOT INTO ORDER in sideways markets. And the trend must obviously be up or down, we don't enter when the market is puzzled.

Market Damper trading system - Step 2: Entry signal

Before looking for signals, you must go to the settings of the indicator, set the time frame for the entry signal to M15.

Buy order rules:
  • Wait for the BUY arrow signal to appear
  • The trend must be bullish
  • If you like safety, only order when the candle crosses above the baseline, otherwise, if you like risk, go in after the BUY signal appears and the current candle closes.
  • Set stop loss and take profit (partial take: part 1 peg at target and part 2 trail stop up)
For example:

H4 is in an uptrend, so we should go to M15 and wait for the BUY signal from the indicator. After signaling, either buy either when the current M15 candle closes or wait for the price to break above the baseline (white dashed line) and then buy by placing a buy break out above it. Take profit following the pivot points above.

Rules for entering SELL orders:
  • Wait for the SELL arrow signal to appear
  • The trend should be an obvious downside on H4
  • Sell when the current M15 candle closes or place a sell stop below the neighboring baseline (pivot point)
  • Set stop loss and take profit based on pivot points
For example:

Market Bang trading system - Step 3: How to set stop loss and take profit

For BUY order:

You need to pay attention to the color of these lines because in my template we have a default color:

If we are in an uptrend:

  • The baseline is the white dashed line 
  • Stop-loss is a light green dashed line 
  • TP1 (take profit 1) is a red dashed line 
  • TP2 is dashed orange If it is a SELL order:
  • The baseline is dashed white
  • SL (stop loss) is a red dashed line
  • TP1 is a dashed light green
  • TP2 is a dashed dark green
You can completely change the color as you like, but remember the rules above is fine.

Market Bang trading system - Several rules increase the probability of winning on markets

You need to follow a few rules to have higher odds of winning, do not enter indiscriminately following the signals of the indicator no matter how big you are:
  • Rule 1: When the price gets close to the trend indicator (which takes the form of a ladder going up or down), it will tend to reverse, so if there is an entry signal when the candlesticks are out. Be careful compared to the trend indicator. That way you will be less prone to SL and better profit-taking
  • Rule 2: TP and SL are based on pivot points on a data frame. Those are the most reliable supports
  • Rule 3: When the trend indicator shows that the trend is too strong and your TP2 is about to touch, move the TP further to the pivot point of the new day.
  • Rule 4: if you have entered the order according to the signal and have not touched the TP during the day, the next day you have another signal in the same direction, you can add more orders to increase the profit rate
  • Rule 5: If you want to enter a 1 lot order, place 2 orders of 0.5 lots, when the price goes 60% of the distance to TP1, pull SL to breakeven. When TP1 hits, close 1 order and leave the other to TP2. This is a safe method.
Market Dam Trading System - Example



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