3 things traders must cherish in trading

At a certain point, a trader will also achieve success in trading, and sometimes looking back at the past trading process will not be free of regrets. These may be things you have ignored in the past but cherished in the present.

In a trader's trading journey, anyone has even overlooked a few things. But sometimes those are the things that are important in our trader's market conquest.

In the trader's trading process, there are 3 very important things that you must appreciate because they not only show a serious attitude, correct thinking but also greatly help in having success in your business. trading.

1. Money

A lot of traders who are just trading, seem to take money very lightly. Some of the types of transactions that show this best are:
  • Trading is rampant regardless of the good or bad signals. Even without a signal can be squeezed out to have to trade.
  • The undisciplined transaction, very arbitrary.
  • Trade according to your own intuition.
These types of transactions all cost traders money, even a lot of money. However, the problem is that the trader still seems fearless, trading like that until he sees a heavy loss before he starts to stop.

Remember, if we know how to cherish money, we will understand how difficult it is to make money. Trading is a profession that is difficult to make money, so trading must be methodical, disciplined, calculated, and especially risk management. Yes, every coin you spend in trading is worth it.

2. Time

What traders often waste next is time. Wanting to trade successfully inherently takes a lot of time but the trader himself must also be persistent.

However most traders spend most of their time on unimportant things like trading bad opportunities or researching from method to method, ... while things are as important as finding a Deep understanding of one and only trading methods, learn how to manage capital, ...

If we knew how to focus on the right thing from the start, then perhaps our trading journey would not have wasted so long.