1. Make a decision in anger or excitement

Surely you are no stranger to the feeling that your account is lost in losses or there are times when there is a big series of wins. Both of these situations give us a strong mentality.

Loss makes traders angry, profits make traders excited. If you encounter one of these two types of psychology and you still want to continue trading, this is a big mistake that can cause you to regret and not make it in time.

Very, many accounts burned down for trading in anger and inhibitions. In such a heavy psychological state, every decision is under psychological control, whether or not there is a signal on the chart, you can place your trading orders as if it were a one-of-a-kind strategy. reversed the situation.

And the result will not be expected, heavy losses are also considered light, new account fire is heavy. But the second worst thing is that traders keep adding money and losing money, and so on until they realize a very simple lesson that if you know how to accept losses soon, you won't lose as much as this.

2. Like to take shortcuts

This is the second job that traders have to regret. This involves thinking a lot. As a trader, we can slowly learn, slowly go up in trading. But it is clear that many brothers do not accept that. Many traders think that trading can be a step up the clouds, get rich in a short time without having to learn much.

But the reality is the opposite. Many people know that but still prefer shortcuts, because in their mindset as programmed it is certain there will be a way to help them quickly get what they want.

No need to look far, nor do you need to spend a few years personally experiencing. Try to buy a book about successful traders, you will see immediately how they got that position. Not all successful traders have the same history, but they all have one thing in common: not taking shortcuts, accepting difficulties, persistently overcoming challenges. And perhaps you can see clearly, all of them see trading not only as a career but also as their own passion.