1. Find your own advantages in trading

This is indispensable if traders really want to make profits. In addition to finding a suitable method, traders also have to know their own trading style, find strengths in order to be in the right market conditions, ... use their advantage to make the biggest profit possible.

2. Probability

Trading is a highly probable profession and we traders must accept this. Although we cannot control the market, we can rely on our strengths, and the methods and characteristics of the market we participate in to control the probability.

When grasping this factor, we can build up a transaction plan with strict principles to achieve the number that we want. Thus, long-term profitability is not a difficult issue for audiences, but consistency and discipline are important.

However, that alone is not enough. One more factor is still missing.

3. Risk management

This is an indispensable factor. If you find your own advantage, you can also find your probability in trading but never manage capital, you will not be able to make any profit.

Capital management is a factor that helps traders protect their accounts, limit risks and it is this factor that helps traders have a stable mentality to earn long-term profits in the future.