At a certain stage in trading, we traders will also grasp the basics, will also find ourselves a suitable and profitable method, and have started to understand how. develop strengths for yourself, understand the importance of risk, and how to manage it in trading.

It is not easy to get to this stage, at least it will take you about 2 to 3 years. During this early period, the goal of most of the brothers was to find a suitable method and identify their own strengths. Achieving these goals is seen as the trader who has begun to lay the first bricks in building a trading career for himself.

But when you do not come here, you can relax comfortably and see yourself as a successful person. The new phase has just begun. And this time the target of our trader brothers will be bigger. After a trader's trading style has been shaped, there are 3 next goals a trader needs to achieve:

1. Deal with discipline

Finding the right method, developing strengths, and knowing risk management is no use if we still trade without disciplined principles.

Trading with discipline is a way of connecting traders to their own strengths and methods. Only by keeping the discipline can traders take full advantage of this.

A lot of brothers, coming to this stage is considered very good, but sometimes because they do not keep the discipline, they still cannot escape losses, and themselves become depressed because at this stage. and then the result is still not good.

2. Deal with persistence

You to reach this stage are seen as seeing the door to success. Getting into that door will still be a lot of trouble. But if persistent enough, entering that door is not a big deal.

Therefore, the more experienced traders are, the more disciplined and persistent it will be to really see the success of their efforts without wasting them.

3. Increase your account size

This is also the time when you should think about trading a larger account. If you have considered trading as your career and you are a serious person, know how to make money, have enough perseverance, and keep disciplined, start increasing your account and making more money from trading.

In short, when it comes to the stage where you have identified your trading style, traders should think about making more money in trading, always dealing with discipline and perseverance. That is also the right way to succeed.