1. Re-order when the price pulls back to the moving average

This is the simplest and easiest to use. You have a stop loss when trading in the trend. Now you just need to check if the trend is still going, if it still is, you just need to wait for the price retrace to the moving average and look for an entry signal.

Note that the context, in this case, plays a big role. For a trend with weak or too strong momentum, it is difficult to find a good entry point.

2. A breakout trade when the price breaks a sideways price range or chart pattern

This way we may encounter a false breakout, but if the current trend of the market remains unchanged, you can incorporate more breakout trading techniques to find the entry point in the market. It is possible that the entry point will not be as advantageous as the strategy before, but the confirmation will be more certain now.

3. Re-enter orders based on signal candles

This is a technique that has a few price action conditions attached to it. For brothers who trade on a candlestick pattern with a stop loss, we need to confirm that the pattern has not failed yet. That is, the trading signals that this pattern provides to traders are still usable. Now you just need to find another signal candle to re-enter the market.

For example, for signals to buy, use bullish candles, and for signals to sell, use bearish candles.

It can be seen that psychology and skills play an important role in re-execution. Traders need to accept that it is possible to re-open orders and continue to lose money. And to limit the risk, you should only re-order once. If you still have a stop loss, there is a high chance that the trade setting is not really good.