1. They trust their trading systems, and never predict the future of the market

One of the factors that help successful traders to be most confident in trading is that they fully trust the system they use. In this way, every new transaction will be done decisively, mentally will be stable and it is important that they just focus on the right thing to do is also effective. Winning or losing the market has a decision.

Trusting the system means you have to trust it to be profitable in the long run if you trade the right way. In the process, don't be too concerned with short-term losses.

2. They are 100% confident and not afraid of the market

If you place a trade and are hesitant or worried about losing money it means that you are lacking confidence. This will be a huge problem that puts your strategy at risk at any time. Imagine if you have any strategy, how will it be?

Confidence is most evident in successful traders because confidence only gives them assertiveness. That way, they will not fall into the psychological trap of the market.

3. Always keep risks under control

You must have heard the saying: "To make money, you must first learn how to keep money". And this is also the motto of professional traders.

Almost all professional traders put risk management first. Because risk management helps them know the limits of their own losses, at the same time stabilize mentally and focus on the important things. Risk management has to be disciplined throughout a trader's career. This is also the factor that distinguishes a successful and amateur trader.

Everyone agrees to these 3 things, but it is a long process to do. For successful traders to conquer the market means they have failed a lot in the past.