1. Simple chart patterns

There are many chart patterns but he chooses 2 models and mainly trades on them: the cup and handle pattern and the VCP pattern.

In the example above, you can see price action fluctuating with decreasing amplitude before a breakout occurs. before the breakout will be characterized by:
  • Volume exhausted
  • Prices fluctuate in a narrow band in the range of 2 to 4 waves
2. Mass analysis

The market that Julian Komar trades is the stock market. The analysis of volume in the stock market is important and as he is a trader, using volume in trading is the key factor so this is an indispensable technique.

He often analyzes volume on price bounces on D1 and W1 frames. Because the mass information at these timeframes is very important.

3. Average line

Julian Komar is a trend trader and the simplest way for him to be aware of a trend and its change is the moving average.

He uses 2 main moving averages, EMA 21 and EMA 65. In addition, he also uses moving average as the main indicator to move stop losses to follow the trend and maximize profits.

4. Stock screening

This is something that any trader must do, not just professional traders. Checking stocks is like choosing the currency pair or index or the market you want to trade.

In order to trade in quality strategies, traders need to participate in their own rights. Choosing the right trading product means that it meets all the conditions that you need to open an order.

For Julian, stock in his sights will have to meet the conditions that must have strong momentum, tendencies, and especially the support of fundamental factors such as the general market. or information related to that stock.

Here are 4 trading techniques used by a professional trader. And as you can see, none of these new technologies are all that we already know. However, how to apply it well and effectively depends on the ability of each trader.