1. Only use idle money to trade: Many traders borrow money to satisfy their own trading desire, which inadvertently makes the trading psychology become stressful. Because they are not only trading for a profit, but also making a profit to pay off the debt. It is this pressure that causes traders to slide in losses.

2. Always use stop loss for every trade you make: Stop loss is the fastest way for traders to protect their accounts and limit losses. This is a job that many traders overlook. That is also the reason why many traders suffer huge losses.

3. Always be aware of your limit of risk: It is very important to decide how much money you will lose for a trade you make. If you are aware of this, it means you are in control of the risks that you must accept.

4. Set the risk: reward ratio at least 1: 2: Always trading in strategies with a high RR ratio is the secret to helping traders get profits in the long term. With a high RR ratio, a trader can still make a profit even though many orders are losing rather than profitable.

5. Control the risk of a trading order: Whether new or old trader, this is a very important thing, must do. The more you are a new trader, the more you have to do to limit the great risks. Risk control for every trade you make will help you be aware of your own risks, have a more stable psychology when trading, and, more importantly, control the risk for the whole process. a lot easier.

6. Keep your risk consistent: That means that, no matter what strategy you trade, there will be no unexpected risks that will surprise you. Once you get used to this, you will trade without having to pay much attention to the risks and focus on more important things.

7. Understand and control the use of leverage: Many traders do not really understand leverage, so they make traders lose heavily because they use leverage in the wrong way. Leverage affects the margin, margin rate, and the number of lots a trader is allowed to execute. When understanding the role of leverage, traders should know how to allocate capital to trade properly. Never use large leverage but trade large volumes. Stick with your trading plan and use the right leverage to meet your trading needs.