" I just wait until there is money lying in the corner, and all I have to do is go over there and pick it up. I do nothing in the meantime " - Jim Rogers

This saying means that, in trading, we need to wait and have the patience to make a profit. During this waiting time, the trader does not need to do anything, just wait comfortably. Any unplanned decision, any mentality that arises in the process of waiting, can cause traders to make serious mistakes, not only not making profits but also suffering heavy losses.

" Cut loss. Cut loss. Cut loss. Then you have your chance " - Ed Seykota

This statement means that traders should always put risk reduction first. Always use stop loss for every strategy you follow. You limit your losses to have the opportunity to make profits in the future. And if today you let your account suffer great losses, then the opportunity to do it again will be hundreds of times harder.

" All the math you need in the stock market you get in 4th grade " - Peter Lynch

This saying means that to become a successful trader you do not have to be a highly talented, knowledgeable learner. This is not the main requirement for you to make a profit in trading, but the main factor is that you have to have perseverance, know how to take the time, accept the effort and it is important that your know-how. psychological correction.

" Because the risk: reward ratio is 1: 5, it allows to hit only 20%. No matter how stupid I was, 80% wrong, I wouldn't lose at the end " - Paul Tudor Jones

What this saying means is that every trade a trader makes should be aimed at high-profit and low-risk opportunities. Thus, even in the course of trading, the trader makes more unprofitable transactions, the ability to still make a profit. At least not at a loss.

" The market can stay in the unreasonable state for longer than you can tolerate " - Jesse Livermore

This saying means that traders should not fight the market. When determining that you have lost, you are wrong, then accept. The market can be in unfavorable conditions until you become too giddy to bear and give up. So, accepting losses, accepting yourself wrong is the first important thing that traders should learn when entering the market.

" The obvious sure rarely happens, but surprises often happen " - John Maynard Keynes

In trading sometimes the things you are sure of are rarely seen but never lack things that will surprise you. Never let obvious, obvious certainty make you make the wrong decision.

" Accepting losses is the most important thing in investing to be able to preserve capital " - Jesse Livermore

This statement is clear results, right? Only accept losses, stop there, you can preserve your capital. This is also something you should learn when you first get into trading.