Step 1: Find an advantage in trading

That is, each trader should take the time to find his own strengths such as suitable trading methods, suitable market conditions, trading strategies you are most familiar with, trading techniques you understand. most clearly, the timing of the transaction, ... All these factors combine to form your own strengths.

Only you know what market you trade-in, what tactics to use, how to analyze it in your best interests. Once you understand these things, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Trading based on advantage

This step is important in that you must trade to your advantage. Most traders lose because trading is not to their strengths, they are easily attracted to other markets or other signals. So remember this step 2 if you do it correctly, you will see results soon. If not, you will forever stop at this step.

Step 3: Win and lose

This step is mainly you will get results from your trading. And the important thing will lie in step 4.

Step 4: Lessons from winning and losing

It is difficult for most traders to get through step 4, and even it takes a long time to do it. Why?

Because any trader receives a result, win or lose, they continue to trade. If it is a loss, it may be crazy to get back the lost money, if there is a profit, it will be high to continue the trade. It is rare for any trader to sit back and analyze and learn from the transactions they made. That is also the reason why the trading journey of the majority of traders lasted for a long time and still did not see any results.

But if traders are willing to consider, learn, and draw from the transactions they have done, it will be seen as a major turning point in the trading journey. And now we can go to step 5.

Step 5: Repeat

This means that the trader will have to repeat what was done before, but remember, do not make a mistake or try to develop the strength you met in step 4.

Each repetition means that the trader has improved something for himself, the journey to profit will be shortened.

Step 6: Earn consistent profits

In this step 6, perhaps you have also been attached to trading for a long time. From step 1 to step 5, it is true that for traders we are not easy. Trading and losses are repeated over a long period of time. But if we are persistent enough to wait for ourselves to progress, when every aspect of trading improves gradually, the timing of consistent profitability is not something only in your mind anymore.

Step 7: Success in the long term

Long-term success means that a trader must regularly, accurately, and seriously perform the above 6 steps. Once there are consistent returns, traders still have to maintain this way of trading in order to succeed in the long term.

Those are the 7 steps to success in trading. If any brothers pass the 4th step, they are considered to have reached half the way in their trading journey. Trading is not for anyone, so if you want to be a real trader you have to do what most cannot.