How to count candles in TD Setup

TD Setup compares the close of the current candle to the close of the previous 4 candles. If you count the higher / lower 9 times in a turn, then TD Setup is complete and you will enter the command at the right time. This means that after you count 9 decreases, then enter a buy order, on the contrary, after 9 times of increasing prices, you will close to sell orders. Why is there number 9, you read this article.

During the candle counting process, if you find that there is any candle closing in the opposite direction compared with the closing price of the previous 4 candles, TD Setup is considered invalid. You have to give up and count the candles from the beginning.

TD Setup is perfect when the 8 or 9 candlestick forms a bottom. For example, when you are counting continuously increasing closing prices, then until the 8th and 9th candles have their highest prices higher than the previous candles, the TD Sell Setup might be pretty.

How to count candles in TD Countdown

TD Countdown starts after TD Setup is formed (ie after the 9th candle of TD Setup).

TD Countdown compares the closing price of the current candle to the high and low of the previous two candles and you have to count 13 such bars. Unlike TD Setup, you do not need to specify candles to be continuously bullish or bearish. Such TD Countdown will be harder to count because sometimes there will appear cases where the candle stops a little before creating a higher / lower price for you to count further.

If you find this way too confusing to count candles, please be patient to see some examples below to understand how to count (click on the picture to see more). Note: TD Setup is highlighted in blue, while TD Countdown is highlighted in purple. For the time being, you can skip TD Combo.

In general, for every 9 or 13 count using this method, we will determine the perfect reversal of the market.