If you feel like a genius when you hold a stock through a period of extremely heavy losses and then rise again and give you profits, then you are not a genius ... you are just 1 gambler. It's gambling, not trading. With such a mindset, you will eventually regret it. Respect risks - Mark Minervini, the witch of the market

2. Instead of looking for advice on buying stocks, take the time to build your own trading system, then test it in the past to see if there are an advantage and trade with it for a refund good it. Become an independent trader without help from others.

That is the only way to have consistent profits - Julian Komar, professional stock trader

3, If you want to trade within the next few decades, you must have maturity in dealing with and controlling your emotions.

Otherwise, it won't be possible - trading composure

4, Take profit slowly, take loss must be fast - Steve Burns, professional trader

5.You can't make a 100% or more return on a stock if it doesn't have an accumulation or correction period.

Wait for the stock to pull back to ema 21 or even ema 65! If not then you will lose out of it very soon. - Julian Komar

6. When there is no signal to trade and the market is continuously moving sideways, then you will get annoyed and want to enter orders. Most people will get impatient and start "looking" for transactions, rather than spotting them.

Please be patient. Random transactions are always a bad idea. - Michael Lamothe, fund trader

7 This year, trade for your trading as sustainable as possible
  • Prioritize your health - both mentally and physically
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Focus on the process over the outcome
  • Trust your system