1. The best way to make money if you are a trader is simply to cut loss when they are young and continuously trade according to your system, regardless of the short-term outcome. - trading composure, professional trader

2. Bubbles will burst when nearly all the people on earth acknowledge that their current bubble won't burst .-- Mark Minervini, stock market witch

3. Someone just bet me that Amazon stock won't correct 35% within the next 5 years. I said it could. I think that seems like a sure thing. - Mark Minervini

4. For those who believe that their favorite stock - or whatever stocks - will not at some point fall in price by 50-80% ... try to think of this: in 2000, the NASDAQ index did. create a peak and decrease 82% from the top! That is INDICATOR! If you think any stock will definitely not drop a higher or equal drop, then you have not studied deeply enough and do not understand history. That seems like a sure thing! - Mark Minervini
5. If you want to retire with $ 1 million in fortune then try to make at least $ 2 million in case you get divorced - Jerome Powell

6. The market owes nothing to anyone - me and you - to anyone. Market speculation is not an easy way to make money and make sure it's not an ATM - Peter Brandt, legendary trader

7,  A trading principle of William O’Neil: never lose more than 7% capital per 1 share. That is the highest stop-loss - Julian Komar, professional stock trader