If you have the opportunity to participate in trading seminars or training classes, you will find that the number of people going to learn to trade is not small, in which many people accept to spend tens or even hundreds of millions. to go to trading school. Middle-aged people have, young people, have. But the problem with most of these wet-footed traders is that even though they spent such a large amount of money learning to trade, why they still lose money.

One of the biggest reasons why many people, even though they spend a lot of money in school, still lose so much money, is the expectation that they can make a profit after completing their studies. This is a common mentality because everyone thinks, spend a hundred million to go to school, but then have to make a profit. This shows that the majority of traders' brothers and sisters still do not really understand trading.

The reality of making a profit in trading is a long process, in which practice, research, failure, ... can last for a few years before the trader really sets the direction. go separately for yourself in the profession.

The fact that a person goes to trading school is basically only grasping the trading method. How to make money from that method, is another story, this is no one to help traders but themselves. Because to trade profitably is the convergence of many factors. So do not think that just spending money to study will make a profit. Each of these is not enough.

One more thing arises, that is because the thinking method is profitable, so many brothers and sisters do not care about backtesting or practicing the method. This makes them, once they suffer losses, almost do not have the courage to continue trading.

When trading ineffective, almost a few traders consider themselves, and all blame the trainer for not being good. Therefore, the opportunity for self-improvement is not available. Just like that, the streams of negative thoughts and dependence on them gradually take over, causing them not only to not make profits but also to lose heavily.

However, it must be said again, in fact, there are also many organizations and individuals training trading that charge heavenly fees, plus winged advertisements that many people put their faith in. there. This is not a good thing. Moreover, many people who participate in learning trading while not understanding the basic knowledge have jumped into learning to buy and sell hammer, so they not only fail to grasp the reality of the profession, do not understand the basic knowledge, trade in a way. Such stereotyping is absolutely not recommended.