Originally traders can approach trading slowly, step by step to make profits, but reality always goes in an unexpected direction. Most traders are impatient, the decision is in a hurry, do not consider carefully until heavy losses really accept to reconsider the problem.

When you first step into trading, making mistakes is very normal, but you still do not understand this. When we make a mistake, we don't know how to stop to consider, just like that, we make mistakes after mistakes, even mistakes many times over. If traders understand that, everyone will make mistakes, get wrong, get wrong, get wrong, and have to correct mistakes, it will avoid a lot of disasters in this profession.

In trading, if you encounter these 3 things, if you know how to stop at the right time, consider the problem, you can not only avoid losses, you can even make rapid progress:

1. Committing the same error at least 2 times or more

Have you ever sat back and considered for yourself, is there any mistake that you have committed 2 times or more but still don't care? Affirmative yes. Like myself, there are countless numbers. Not only 2 times but also many times.

In fact, if we understood from the beginning that anyone entering a new field makes a mistake, making the same mistake twice or more we all feel okay. But if you try to change a little bit, don't let it be until the 3rd, 4th, 5th, ... n times we make the mistake before we correct it. Set a rule for yourself that, if you commit the second time onwards, stop trading immediately and find a way to correct the error first.

Maybe many brothers think that there is no need to do so much. But this is not a problem of fixing errors or not, but each of us should create a habit of not delaying, having problems to be solved quickly. Because the trading path is so long, if we just procrastinate, make one mistake after another it will eventually become a cloudy mound, once you stir it up will become cloudy. Absolutely do not let that happen. So even though it is a small mistake in trading, if it is committed twice, it is best to solve it yourself neatly.

2. Meet a string of losses

When meeting a chain of losses, most traders are psychologically interested in revenge, wanting to withdraw money. But affirming this is not a way to solve the problem, even increasing the risk of vandalism. And the solution here is to stop.

Traders also have to rest sometimes. Especially when you feel that trading is extremely stressful when you lose heavily when you force yourself to trade, ... Stop trading you also have the opportunity to make money, but you can continue to trade. Loss of extra money is very high.

3. Meet a series of profitable orders

Everyone has the mindset of wanting to communicate when winning, but in fact, trading is a profession that you should know back and forth. When you lose, you know how to stop, when you win enough, you should know how to withdraw.

Many traders confidently trade because they are winning, but in reality, such times a smart trader stops trading before confidence turns into pride, complacency, and subjectivity.

If in the course of trading, you encounter these 3 things, you should definitely stop trading and do not hesitate. The market has no shortage of opportunities for you to trade, but trade when you have a stable mentality and solid skills.