One thing in many successful traders is that they always review past market price movements. Some people use the trading platform's rewind functionality to see patterns in the market again, making them more sensitive to future patterns. Day traders also observe market behavior, just as doctors look for repetition of different patient's symptoms to diagnose the disease.

However, the ability to recognize the pattern is a gift, it's also a trap. We still tend to see patterns that are really just random movements and no real patterns exist at all. There are many patterns that traders "imagine" and have no relation to price movements, and ultimately lead to confusion and loss in trading.

Doctors learn from repetition in a patient's symptom pattern by accumulating experience. A radiologist will have to look through thousands or hundreds of thousands of x-rays to be able to properly diagnose a disease. A psychiatrist has to contact thousands of different patients to find out psychological orientation and treatment. Examples and case studies will provide experience and help them make more accurate diagnoses. And so is the trader.

The failure of many traders is simply a lack of experience. They have not had enough exposure to the system they use, or simply not enough market exposure. The patterns they recognize are mostly misconceptions, and after every losing trade, they ignore it without learning any lessons.

Trading is a profession like many other professions, and only people who reach a level of proficiency and depth, and truly understand their field, can make money. You spend 4-5 years in college, a few more years of working experience will be called a "rough understanding" of your field. 10 years of experience can be called tough enough. And a few decades of experience will only reach the expert level.

Same for Trading. Why did you deposit money to Trade after just a few months of research? Then claim to become a professional trader with profitable trading after 1-2 years?

It is strongly advised that if you haven't spent the necessary time in exposure to the market or your system, then spend more time, and don't get impatient. If you trade badly then it's not the system that is the problem, but yourself.