Genesis Matrix is among the most actively discussed trading systems on the market, with over 1110 comment pages.

All the essential indicators of the Genesis Matrix System are attached to the end of the article, the Build 600+ file is for MT4 with Build version 600 and above. If you download it, if you install it, you will use it, it does not make a difference.

The Genesis Matrix system is developed by a group of Traders who use Heiken Ashi candles due to:

1, The HA candle filters most of the price fluctuations noise - noise - when trading on the low M5 frame

2, Currency Pairs: All currency pairs, Gold and Oil

3, The indicators are not repainting (not redrawn).

How to enter an order:

First, Trade when the European session is open, should not choose the Asian session because it is too slow and gets stuck in small price action.

Enter a SELL order if the following conditions are met (make sure you have installed all the indicators in MT4 and have a screen showing like that):
  1. Matrix (the bottom little squares) is the same red after the current candle has closed
  2. Stochastic is falling from oversold zone;
  3. There is a bearish candlestick that opens below the yellow 5 EMA;
  4. Purple arrows ... do not always wait for the purple arrow to appear because if there is a sudden reversal, the arrow may appear late. But if a few candles later and the arrow does not appear, then exit if you entered before.

Mark the signs on the chart in the correct order above. The first trade was very beautiful.
Then comes the exit.

Exiting an order is always harder than entering because always want to hold the position for as long as possible… but hard don't know when the wave will end. So generally an exit at support resistance. It could be an alternating point, a previous bottom, a circular number area, and so on.

Plus watch Heiken Ashi candles! At point 5, you see the price leveling off and unable to decrease further. And if the matrix starts to appear with 2 or more white cells, consider exiting a sell order, because the downward momentum is no longer strong.

At point 5, you see a big doji appear, Stoch starts to raise his head. That is enough reason to exit the order manually, you have to take the time to observe the market at this time, combine the signals from candles, matrix, and Stoch to exit the order.

Buy order example:

The matrix displays enough white boxes, Stoch goes from bottom to top, an HA candle opens above EMA 5 -> entry BUY