1. Have a healthy lifestyle

If you have a habit of staying up late at night surfing FB, chatting, chances are that you will not trade well, if you like alcohol, too much tobacco addiction, a little is okay but if you are addicted heavily, it is not.

Every year, profitable traders have healthy living habits, they wake up early to sleep early and exercise.

The reason behind this is, loss traders have a habit of self-destructing capital they are not aware of, having an unhealthy lifestyle, self-destructing health is an indicator that traders also destroy their accounts...

On the contrary, the discipline of healthcare is that the trader is building the discipline to protect the account in trading.

2. Successful traders are very economical

Traders have stable returns and live frugally.

There is a formula to show if you are likely to succeed in trading. Calculate the total price of the items you bring on you, including pants, shirts, shoes, belts, backpacks, handbags, watches, phones ... Then divide this sum by your total income in a month.

If this number is less than 1, then you have the quality to be a good trader. If this number is too large, you are not suitable for trading.

What is the essence of this, many people come to transactions because they watch good movies or advertisements, they think of supercars, yachts, world travel, hot sisters ...

Trading is not a way to make money fast unless you are already rich, otherwise, you will still keep a frugal lifestyle for a very long time before accumulating enough wealth, it is measured in units of 10 years. not equal to the year.

If you are haunted, or you take the lavish lifestyle too seriously, you will subconsciously trade with unrealistic profits to serve that lifestyle.