13 trading principles of a professional trader:

1. Trading should focus on the market, not on money or profit.

2. Before placing a trade order answer these questions: What is the current trend? What is your time frame? How is momentum?

3. Always protect the profits you have earned. Never turn a profitable order into a loss.

4. Never trade with too large volume, because you may not earn any interest, then your account has been burned.

5. When the market is empty, it is best to stand outside and do not trade.

6. Adjust your stop loss for the sole purpose of reducing your risk, not increasing it.

7. There are only two types of losses: big losses and small losses. Always choose small losses for every trade you make.

8. Risk no more than 1% of your equity for any position you trade.

9. Do not try to predict the direction of the market in the future. You should only join when the market meets all the conditions you need.

10. Remember, the market is only moving sideways for a certain period of time. At some point, it turns into a trending market. So stopping rushing into the market is not your strength. Trading must have the patience to wait.

11. Find and engage in low-risk, high-return, or high-probability strategies.

12. Understand the pros and cons of how the trading system you use works under market conditions and improve them during trading, otherwise it will be easy for you to abandon a system when you encounter it. lose money or you will end up losing money.

13. There is a strict discipline in risk management and trading principles.