1, Trading in the direction of the market trend gives traders an advantage over players who go against the trend. The nature of following trends is also easier and offers more profit opportunities. This does not mean that the counter-trend trader has no advantage, it simply is easier to follow the trend.

2, Using past verified signals will give the current trader advantage, instead of trying to predict the market randomly. Past verification is also to check if the signal worked in the past, before applying it in the present.

3, a trader with a trading plan has an advantage over a trader without a plan. Because in the market, emotions ups and downs are very intense, planning is something that helps traders cling to when confused

4, a trader who knows how to hold and hold the winning orders will have more winning orders, thereby giving more advantages than traders who see profit as a shortstop, do not know the gong. Traders who know how to profit will not need a high win rate to still get profits, because 1 of their winning orders can compensate for a lot of losing orders.

5, Placing a stop loss at a reasonable position to avoid daily price fluctuations can give an advantage, by avoiding the risk of escaping too soon, in the long run, it will have an advantage over a trader who puts a stop loss too tight the position was exited early

6. Look for patterns that repeat many times in the past and trade them will give you an advantage over traders who use lots of random signals. Price patterns represent the crowd that is trading in the market and tends to repeat the same old behavior.

7. Entering orders when most people are being exited (entering a position following a price trap) can be advantageous in the long term since we are then leveraging the price dynamics of triggered loss orders.

8. Exiting positions when the majority of people are entering is usually the best position to take profits

9, Trading with moderate volume to control emotions gives an advantage over traders who trade too large and are controlled by their own emotions.

10, Sticking to the trend until the reversal will result in a big win instead of an early exit