On your journey to success in trading, you will see, there are a lot of things you take out of the process. The success of most traders comes from the simplicity and many failures come from complexity.

Many traders try to add many factors, incorporating a lot of knowledge into the trading process, the worse the account. When you know how to simplify trading is also the time to start making money in trading.

Let's start to simplify in trading by ignoring these four things:

Expert remarks

We do not deny their abilities, but if you have chosen to trade as your career, all trading decisions you should make your own decisions and take responsibility for. Especially when you have a method for yourself, it's best to stick to the principles of that method. Do not for the benefit of experts that make your strategy lose value.

Personal thoughts

Most of the reason for the complexities in trading comes from traders thinking and analyzing too much. The trading strategy is also no longer objective and in line with its principles. So if you really want to see results, you should ignore your personal thoughts and start analyzing with price action to keep the objectivity of the trading.

Technical indicator

It's not like we get rid of all the indicators, but most of them should not be paying attention to. Because many traders use so many indicators, trading gets messed up. In fact, if the indicator is not used properly, it is a critical knife that causes traders to lose money constantly. So if you want to simplify your trading, you should use a few and correct technical indicators.


Emotions belong to each person, so it is difficult for the trader to ignore them. But that is the reason why traders' complicated thinking and strategies make the account lose money forever. Many traders take up to a few years to be emotionally and psychologically stable. But anyway, this is also an important task of the trader if he wants to simplify and make a profit in trading.