The fact that everyone must accept in trading is that the biggest enemy of traders is the trader himself. Most of the reasons for losses originate from ourselves. By the time we realize this and improve it, it will probably take years. So from the beginning let's learn and learn to be aware of the mistakes that we will encounter to prepare mentally and how to deal with them, so the journey to make a profit in trading will not be as long as we think.

Traders must have trading rules and plans because when emotions flare up, greed, fear, and ego can easily control the trader's process and thinking. This is the worst scenario that traders encounter, at that time, every trader's decision was wrong. Losses are one of the most severe consequences that traders encounter. If losses persist for a long time, it can make the trader morale heavy, and can even haunt traders in the long run.

Here are 9 questions traders must ask themselves to protect you from yourself:

1. Where or how does the market move to prove that the trader's entry point is wrong?

2. If the incorrect judgment is the case, how much will you lose at most for this strategy?

3. What are the principles and conditions for your entry point?

4. What is your way of protecting profits? What are the conditions for you to exit your position when the trade is profitable?

5. What is the current trend of the timeframe that you are trading with? Which price range is the best for you to enter according to the Current Trend?

6. What is the list of products that you will be dealing with today or this week?

7. What is the maximum level of risk that you can accept at a time?

8. What are the advantages that show you can be successful in the long term?

9. What is your goal in trading? Do you have a plan to achieve this goal?