1. They take you in, give you "breakfast", "light peg" the first 1-2 days. Then suggest to you to eat more food for your pleasure by competing to show off interest, while others show off interest "breakfast $ 100, lunch $ 200, going to bed with $ 1k, ... make you I don't see how much I can eat >> recharge for higher profits But you don't know that most of them are their team, and play demo or cent but post it right, mostly click like the greed of customers.
  2. After you add more, the IB will find some reason for you to give them an account, like "if you are busy, let me hit you" or "you just rest and wait for the money to come back, the rest just let me". .. for you to trust the account for it, and as a result, it gives you no money, then apologize and tell you to load more to gong account. There is a more frightening type, which is to let you draw a little bit, then lure you to load again and burn the account.
  3. Say no to goosebumps: Stoploss is art, a way back for you. Without SL means you are trading your account for only a few% of it. Someone hit account 5k, beat the gong to 500u, advised to cut it, didn't accept it, because just saw it a little better, hope it will come back a little more than cut. But when it comes up, I regret, still don't cut, hope it will rise again when it gets to the entry point then don't cut @@ again hope it will go up a bit to cut interest, ... and then let's go !!! That is CORRUPTION. If you know that you are wrong, you should boldly cut your losses, there is still opportunity for money, but to do so, you must have money, and have calculated knowledge later.
  4. Management of emotions first: Greed and fear will kill you, the order that is profitable will also lose, the order has not sl, but you still cut it because you think it will sl. Remember, all you need to do is analyze and enter, and let the market do its thing.
  5. Capital management: This is about emotional management. Many people say to risk 1 position is 1-2% of your account, but only play 0.5%. The reason is that the stamina for 0.5% is extremely comfortable. Just a day of eating 1 2R command is enough to target. That% should be calculated by the amount that you accept the loss, but if you lose it it will not affect your psychology. Think about it, if you have $ 100 in your trade, but you accept to lose $ 5, lose $ 5 still don't feel sorry or worried when the candlestick goes in the opposite direction, afraid when the price is about to hit sl. That is the risky part to use. If you have 5k, 2% is 100 $, lose 1 order, lose 2 bulbs, it's not easy, but if you only lose $ 20 then you may be more comfortable, but the psychology of comfort is then. pegs to keep you awake. That is how capital management + effective emotional management: LESS THAN I ACCEPT. ALWAYS INVEST WITH 1 SURGE - remember that.
  6. ALWAYS PROVINCE: So happy> don't enter orders. Tired of> not entering orders. Excited> no entry orders. Distracting> not entering orders. Enter an order when your psychology is normal, when you type an order that is normal like you eat rice or drink a glass of water, then you can live a long life in this volatile market.