1. Because self-confidence is experienced, sometimes feel comfortable in managing capital because you think you can control it.

Trader years of experience do not mean success. Even there are Traders with many years of experience but far from successful marking.

Many traders themselves feel that they are experienced, too used to trading in the market, so when trading does not strictly control the capital management. No matter how good our skills and strategies are, this mindset can make it easier for a trader, no matter how many years of experience, to break the rules of trading,

This kind of thinking can cause traders to gradually break rules and trade more loosely. That is also the reason that many experienced traders still lose heavily because they do not care about capital management when they think that they can really do that.

2. Flexible trading, looks like a professional trader but in reality, is extremely risky

This is the second problem for experienced traders. Mostly, at some point in trading, traders begin to find themselves finding the right method and able to make consistent profits in trading.

Many traders change their trading style flexibly because they completely believe in their own trading ability, plus have good methods, sometimes entering and existing orders will be flexible according to personal thoughts. rather than following an existing principle.

Also, a lot of brothers have memorized the rules of trading, so the entry and exit sometimes do not check too much, just walk around in a row and if there is nothing unusual, then enter the order.

In fact, many experienced traders, although trading well, sometimes because they are too confident, they become very reckless. Rule-breaking sometimes happens only a few times, but most experienced traders ignore it because everyone thinks they are aware of what they are doing. If a trader is too reliant on and subjective, such small things will sometimes become a big trouble that even though experienced trader, he still eats bitter fruit as usual.

So, whether or not an experienced trader, we should also use a humble attitude, recognize right and wrong, do not be subjective in trading. The market will not leave anyone out.